Want It: Revlon Lip Gloss Palette in Bordeaux in the Snow For Fall 2011

I was away for a week and I have to say that I had minimum makeup products with me and one of them was this beautiful palette by Revlon.

It is super tiny, I can easily hold it in my hand, so it’s a great size to travel with. It contains two cream eye shadows, highlighter and a blush plus a gorgeous red lipstick which looks amazing on the lips.

My favourites are the red lipstick which gives a beautiful and pretty long lasting coverage and the white shade that it supposed to be a highlighter for the face. But it contains lots of gold glitter so I use it as an eye highlighter.

The eye shadows do crease but I still love the beautiful effect they give. In general this is one of the cutest makeup products that I own.

This is why I was

happy to read that Revlon are releasing a new limited edition palette for lips called Revlon Lip Gloss Palette in Bordeaux in the Snow.


I also really want the new lipstick and the nail polish, too.  I have to say that Revlon is one of my favourite high street brands,  their products are amazing for the price.

I also believe that a lot of my girlfriends would be happy to get such gift as it is so adorable. Four glosses and a lipstick in the tiny compact, how cute is that?!

PS. If you are wondering about the nail polish that I am wearing – it’s Barry M Dusky Mauve.


8 thoughts on “Want It: Revlon Lip Gloss Palette in Bordeaux in the Snow For Fall 2011”

  1. This pallette is absolutely beautiful!! I am very excited about it. Would anyone know when in October it will be released in the USA? Also I heard this collection will have three new lipsticks one called violet frenzy. Is there a picture of this lippie anywhere? Tx!!!

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