Want Perfect Eye Brows? Try Anastasia Beverly Hills

Its is interesting how our makeup style changes with age. When we start using makeup – it’s usually a lot of eye liner or shadows and a strange choice of lipstick or gloss. Later we may add such products as blush, bronzer and even highlighter.

I think it’s the common thing that we start thinking about our eye brows only after some experience with makeup. This is a shame really because brows “frame the face” and make a huge difference in our look.  Plus with changing our eye brows shape we can change the way we look.

Now I am a huge fan of brow products and even if I am not using any other makeup – I make sure that my eye brows look nice without being overdone.

Although I like the shape of them, I would definitely want to Pro to look at them. And who is better with the eye brows than Anastasia Soare from Anastasia Beverly Hills? The list of Anastasia’s celebrity clients and the list of  the top fashion magazines she worked with is very impressive. You can see it for yourself at her website.

It seems that Anastasia has pretty much everything you need for your eye brows. The best thing is that you can choose the suitable shade for yourself and  you will get useful instructions on how to make your eye brows look the best way they possibly can.

By the way, besides the products for the eye brows you can also get other makeup products. And here is the photo of Britney Spears on the cover or Harper’s Bazaar and the list of products that were used on her.

Unfortunately, I haven’t tried that many Anastasia products but I did love what I’ve tried.  I would definitely love to try more products in the future and (one can dream, right?!) would love to meet Anastasia herself just to look at how she is working. I personally find that eye brows are the hardest part when I am doing someone’s makeup so some tips from Anastasia would be very useful.

But since that is impossible for now, videos are always a great way to learn, too.


What are your favourite eye brows products? Are you happy with your eye brows? Do you take care of them yourself or go to a salon?

3 thoughts on “Want Perfect Eye Brows? Try Anastasia Beverly Hills”

  1. I get my brows shaped now and again but tweeze stray hairs between shapings. I also swear by the Shu Uemura hard brow pencil. I’ve found these brow kits very useful for drawing a nice brow but it usually takes time to get right.

  2. I’ve tried Anastasia Duo Brow Powder and I’ve been using since you’ve sent me that sample 😀 It’s really a great brow product! Unfortunately, I’m no longer a redhead so that shade isn’t suitable for me and now I have to get darker shade.

    Anyway, would love to try her other products as well because I think that well shaped and done brows make a significant difference 🙂

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