Want to Know Me Better?

I love reading interviews.  They can be with famous actors, Make-Up Artists or just bloggers that I like, it doesn’t really matter. Especially I like more personal interviews about the things people like and dislike.

So I was very excited to answer some questions for the lovely Helen, it was so much fun.

I’ve answered these questions a long time ago so I was surprised to see my answer about the TV shows, now I would definitely say Game of Thrones and True Blood but Desperate Housewives are not bad. I’ve seen all the episodes lol

So if you would like to know what kind of music I like, the holiday of my dream and also my favoutrite beauty brands and some thoughts on blogging – make sure you check Just Nice Things. I would like to know what you think.

And thank you, Helen, for such amazing questions! I had a lot of fun answering them.

PS. If you want to chat on a more personal level – follow me on Twitter. And if you want to know what I am wearing on the photo – take a look here.


10 thoughts on “Want to Know Me Better?”

  1. Game of Thrones and True Blood are my definite favourites right now, although I love In Treatment as well. Peter Dinklage who plays Tyrion is amazing, and obviously Jamie has that whole Swedish thing going on, a la Alex Skarsgard, can’t go wrong really. Am working my way through the fifth book, Dance With Dragons, at the moment x

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