Watsons Papaya & Mango Body Scrub. Review


What is written:

Indulge yourself. This invigprating tropically scented body scrub is blended with sweet papaya and juicy mango extracts to offer a dreamy tropical vacation  for your skin. Energise and awaken your senses while gentle, natural exfoliants your skin leaving it feeling clean, fresh and smooth.


When bathing or showering scoop  into the palm  of your hand and rub in circular motions all over the skin. Rinse off after scrubbing

What do I think

I already made a post about 2 products from the same line ( oil for body and  hand cream) which I really liked. About a month ago I also got their body scrub. To be honest papaya and mango scent was probably the only thing that I liked about it. The granulas are very small and this scrub is kind of  liquid and I don’t like such scrubs. Plus it doesn’t make your skin that smooth as other scrubs which I used did.

I guess that you would like this products if you are a fan of gentle peeling and like fruit scented products. But I will never get this scrub again.

Price – less than $10


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