Week Updates and Plans. March 13

I have a lot of page views every day so I would love to thank each one of you as this means a lot to me!

Some people may think  that this blog isn’t  personal enough  as I don’t really write about myself  (well, yes this is a makeup blog, not a personal journal but it is nice to see the person behind it) but I have to assure you that it is.  Makeup4all really reflects my personality… I am quite reserved and keep most things to myself in real life so it is the same here on  the blog.

My Birthday flowers and Shellac

But as I like when blogs are 90% about the main topic and the other 10% are about other things, including personal posts, I thought I’d share some things with you today…

Today was a lovely Spring day so I’ve enjoyed a walk in the centre with my sweet friends. It looks like that most people I know already planned their summer vacations. I am probably one of those very few who is not ready at all as I am not yet sure where I’d love to go. And what about you?

This is crazy but I keep some empty packages of the beauty products. Will write about it later

In other news, I think about getting a new camera so I hope you will enjoy the better quality of my photos in the future. But to tell the truth I don’t like taking photos and  I am not even interested in learning. But it looks like I will have to learn the basics at least, oh well…

Also  I would like to let you know that I am working on the SPRING 2011 magazine right now and I can’t wait to get it ready.

I don’t like cakes but I love these

This week (best):

  • Film: King’s Speech
  • Music: Sagas album by Equilibrium
  • Lip gloss: YSL Golden Gloss #19
  • Lipstick: Illamasqua Atomic
  • Food: Salad with shrimps and salmon
  • Nail polish: Red Shellac, day 10 and it is perfect
  • Best Buy: Gucci bag with a huge discount
  • Plans: Spa weekend, buy my Mum a Birthday present
  • Question: Where to go on a vacation? What to do with my hair?

These are some things I can think about, would love to hear what things you liked this week!

6 thoughts on “Week Updates and Plans. March 13”

  1. Marina, I completely understand being a private person! I like to save boxes from perfume. They are works of art. Where to go on vacation? To a different state of mind is always my goal, whether it is the ocean or the mountains or a field of lavender or looking at sunsets.

    What to do with my hair? Letting it grow since I experienced a hack job in November. Brush it well, and use headbands, barrettes, clasps to endure growing out too many layers. Almost to the nape of my neck!

    I find your honesty about camera skills and many other things refreshing!

    1. Thank you, Gisele. I would like to share more with my readers but not with everyone out there, I wish it was possible.

      Haha, thanks, I can clearly see that my photos are not the best but I would like them to be better for people to enjoy 🙂

  2. I don’t share too much personal stuff on my blog either, I just don’t feel comfortable enough, having pics of my face in there is already a nice effort 🙂
    Nothing planned yet for my vacation, I need to get working on that!

    1. I know what you mean. One of the reason why I don’t like to post so many photos of myself is because you can never know who is reading this.
      So I am not the only one 🙂

  3. I loved this post as it showed a little bit about you, although I must say I do notice that your posts are still personal although not “ostentatiously”! I too have a box full of boxes, unfortunately it just seems to get fuller! I have a hard time throwing away RBR boxes more than anything else…And what do you mean you don’t like cakes???? Crazy ;)! Of course for your hols you should come to Italy, no matter how many times you’ve been here before there’s always some other place you MUST visit! xx

    1. I am happy to read it, Anna 🙂
      I am really happy that you read my posts!
      I SO agree about RBR, I have them all. Yes, I know this sounds strange for a lot of people about cakes. But I can eat salmon any time 😉
      As for Italy, my friends are going to Milan in June so maybe I can go, too. And what is your favourite place in Italy? x

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