Weleda Wildrose Deodorant Review

Natural deodorants have  been a huge thing lately. And not only in the beauty industry but among my girlfriends, too. And most of them could not be less interested in beauty trends.

While I am personally not about all organic “clean” products, I’ve decided to try the “natural deodorant”, as well. And while Malin & Goetz (Nordstrom, Net a Porter,  Space NK) seemed like the most popular and effective based on the recommendations I saw, I went for Weleda because… rose, obviously. I mean, gimme all the rose scented products.

On Weleda’s website we read that  with this deodorant “the  sweating process is allowed to continue its essential job, but the odour is inhibited” which sounds great but is it really that way?

One of my best girlfriends, who is like a spokesperson for Weleda and always raves about their products,  was not impressed with their deodorants (she uses baking soda or lemons now) but I’ve decide to try it anyways. Rose, remember?

So what are my impressions?

First of all, I am a huge fan of the glass bottle which is very impractical but oh-so-chic. Call me vain, but you should enjoy your beauty products and the sensations. I like the simple design as well, and the spray. I am also a big fan of the scent, obviously. But I have to emphasize that it is very strong. Like it will definitely interfere with your perfume. You can definitely smell it on yourself, so make sure you do like  the fragrance. (There is also Sage and Citrus to choose from).

But does it really work?

I am not sure it does. And I am not the sweatiest person. But I remember wearing this in July, and turning to an appointment in a beauty salon for my armpit laser hair removal stinking. I am not even exaggerating,  I was mortified.  Had to apologize to the lady who was doing the procedure because it seemed like I was still smelly even after washing my armpits in their bathroom. So glam.

That being said, I still do not want to give up on it. I am hoping that it will be a great product to use during AW when it is not so hot. Or I will be using it in rotation with my “unnatural” aka regular aluminium  deodorants, the shock horror.

I’ve also read that “Citrus, Sage and Wild Rose sprays have been redesigned and reformulated with the addition of two new ingredients for an even more effective formulation”.  I am not sure if I have a new or old formulation but maybe they are more effective now.

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In general, while this product did let me down a few times (and one of them was a horrific experience), I will keep using it, as I am not ready to give up on it just yet.

And what was your experience with the natural deodorants? You can Tweet me here.

As for myself, I do want to get the M&G one after all, because while I am not all about the natural products, maybe a deodorant is a good way to start.

You can get Weleda from Amazon or Amazon UK.

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