What Actress Would Play You? New Coco Mademoiselle Promo Photos

When I came across the question “What Actress Would Play You?” I didn’t have to think for a long time as I know the answer would be – Keira Knightley.

We are both in our mid 20’s, both skinny with dark eyes and hair and I’d say that we look similar in some way.  The runner up is Natalie Portman.

And what about you? What actress looks similar to you (at least in some way)?

Speaking of Keira… Have you seen the new beautiful Coco Mademoiselle promo images? Aren’t they lovely?! I can’t wait to see the video which should be out later this month.

Keira looks so different but equality stunning on both photos.

5 thoughts on “What Actress Would Play You? New Coco Mademoiselle Promo Photos”

  1. I’m not a dead ringer for her (or anyone!) but I’d have Julia Roberts play me in terms of look – curly brown hair and wide grin (a younger Julia Roberts!) Someone closer in age… I don’t know 🙁 people iron their hair nowadays…. so I can’t think of an alternative.

  2. What Actress Would Play Me? I have no idea! But Keira Knightley is so gorgeous! Especially in “older themed” movies like the Dutchess, awww, it’s amazing how much these clothes suit her!

  3. She is stunning (and one of my bf’s favorites) – wish I could say I look anything like her, lol!
    As for who would play me, I have no idea!
    Ali Larter maybe (hey, it’s my movie, right)?!


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