What are Your Favourite Nail Polish Shades?

So the question of the week was ” What are your favourite nail polish shades?!”.

Thank you everyone for taking a part! I really love when you share with us all!

This is  how my little brother painted the nails of his girl for the first time in his life.

You can see some black lines near the pastel and light shades because originally he used the black nail polish but then removed it (not completely as you can see).

If you are interested in the colours he used: butter LONDON Yummy Mummy, Illamasqua Viridian, Sally Hansen Blue It, Maybelline  Wonder Violet, Essence Undead?, Illamasqua Alarm, Inglot #949 ,Barry M Berry Ice Cream not sure about this one, Maybelline Coconut Crystals.

So here are the answers I got on Twitter and Facebook:

  • Deep purple
  • OPI Over the taupe, Butter london Scoundrel, Chanel Particuliere, Rococo Psychedelic, Underground and Trash,Revlon Red hot tamale
  • Loving greys. especially rimmels Grey Matter. and glitter. glitter is everywhere in makeup right now espcially nail polish
  • I love shades of purple, especially deep purples/plums such as OPI Lincoln Park at Midnight, loveeeeee it!
  • Green for nail polish
  • Deep purple
  • Zoya; matte colors especially Loredana
  • Dark brown, deep purple, burgundy
  • China Glaze Ruby Pumps  and OPI Malaga Wine
  • Black . White . Lite pink
  • Blackened Red, Silver (Chrome), Blues with purple and green in it
  • Chanel Particuliere
  • Zoya shades are amazing…Fire and Ice collection from them is awesome

I am really into nail polishes lately so this is one of the resaon why I’ve asked you. My latest love is Le Gris L’wren from Lancome’s holiday collection.

And if you have interesting beauty related questions do share! 😉

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