What Do You Think About… Cellulite?

It’s summer and we all are wearing shirt skirts and shorts from time to time so this made me think of… cellulite.

I will have mercy on you (and myself ) and won’t post a photo of cellulite! 😉 But, I can’t believe that 90% of women I know have it, in different forms of course. It’s also hard to believe that even some teenagers have it…

The Truth

I read so many articles about cellulite and you know, all articles that were written by doctors stated that you can’t get rid of cellulite for 100%.  Of course, you can make a huge difference but still it will never be gone completely. Great, right?

What to Do?

I am not going to write what to do with it because I am sure that you read a lot of such articles yourself and know that  it should be a program: healthy way of life and eating, exercises, massage and cosmetics (creams and gels etc). Only by combining all those factors you can get some results. I also heard a lot of times that Sharko shower and a course of special massage is very effective.

The Question

The question is: ” What do you personally think about cellulite?Is it something normal and we are just being brainwashed by advertisers? Do you have any secrets do get rid of it? How do you react when you see it on yourself or others? ”

I would like to hear all your thoughts about “the enemy”!

8 thoughts on “What Do You Think About… Cellulite?”

  1. Looks like it is unavoidable 🙁 The only moment I didn’t have any was when I was underweight, now that I am back to a perfectly healthy weight but still thin, it’s back already!
    I might use a firming cream once in a while but most of the time I don’t even bother.

  2. I’ve had cellulite for as long as I can remember, probably since I hit puberty. I’ve never been very thin, but I’m around a normal weight now and I still have them. Part of me hates them, but the biggest part of me doesn’t care. All my friends have them, thick or thin. Sometimes I use the firming cream from Shiseido which is really good, but I usualy don’t bother during the winter.

  3. Hey – this is a great topic because media has made cellulite a bad thing! It picks fun and says horrible things in Star “trashy” Magazines and those critics can be harsh !!- I think how could they be soo mean – especially when it is a normal thing. If you look back at old Marylin Monrow pics and see the stars of yester year they all have it. Photoshop and other editing software has hazed our minds a bit about what is naturally obtainable. Celebs have developed a lot of unhealthy habits – mainly over exercising or under eating to keep the slim, cellulite free and out of tabloid and critic’s negative reviwes. This trend has gotten into society making “real” woman believe they are fat, ripplely and lumpy and should be ashamad of their own legs, bums etc – thinking they are below standard.
    the truth- i spend alot of time at the beach and most girls have it…. just the way it is. I say stay healthy, eat right and exercise and love yourself for being a woman.

    1. Great comment, Ashley! So true about media and photoshop.
      But unfortunately, one can be slim and eat only healthy food and still have it…

      1. Marinochka!

        Your blog is great BTW :).

        I don’t care about it, it’s such non-sense. Believe me only women care about it? seriously. Most men don’t even see it, those who do are probably … gay :). Well, my point is it’s what WOMEN notice and worry about, MEN don’t care about it and don’t see it on women as long as it is not in a super bad form. So, why should we even care? Enjoy life and think of it as of a normal change of your skin. Because that’s all it really is :).

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