What Is Your Favourite Perfume?

It seems that most women and men are obsessed with perfumes.  There are also so many quotes about perfumes by famous people.  Fragrance is like a cult product now. And what do you think about perfumes? How many do you have? Which one is your favourite? For some reason I don’t wear perfumes a lot, only when I am in a mood for it.  Moreover, I don’t like it on most people – maybe they are using the scent which doesn’t fit them or they use way too much.

Right now my favourite perfume is Very Hollywood by Michael Kors. I would never thought that I may like  because the bottle and the promo photo is really not my style. But I’ve tried this perfume just of curiosity and I was very surprised that I really liked it. So now most of the time I use this perfume but I know that soon I will be tired of it so I need to find something else for myself.  Something fresh that smells like “Spring”. Any suggestions?

The Very Hollywood scent is described as sophisticated, seductive and luxurious. The notes are mandarin  bergamot,  gardenia, jasmine,  amber, white moss and vetiver.

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