What Was The Last Product You’ve Used Up?

With so many different products it seems that I never ever finish anything. But this week I actually finished one product. Well almost finished, I say almost because there is a tiny amount of it still left but it’s almost impossible to get anything out already.

I am actually shocked because it’s a foundation and I’ve never finished a foundation before. I guess that fact that I’ve used it on some other people several times helped, too.

It’s not the most glamorous view as you can see

I finished a bottle of Max Factor Second Skin which is probably my favourite foundation. It works amazing on myself and the price is very affordable so what is not to like?

After I like the sample that I’ve got, I bought all the other shades and I am very happy with it. You can read my detailed review here.


3 thoughts on “What Was The Last Product You’ve Used Up?”

  1. yasmine choudhry

    my last product was decleor mattifying lotion and another was biothern skin vivo moisturiser, hope you do not min me mentioning two

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