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I hope you are enjoying the well deserved time with friends and family, and are ready for 2020! 

I’ve decided  to post a little round-up of where you can follow me.  While I have posted it in the past, here is an updated version.

I try to keep the content of each social media a bit different, so here we go.

Instagram here

To be honest, I am not the biggest fan of Instagram for a few reasons, and it shows. However, there are a few accounts that I absolutely love to follow, and  I am now more active there, I post at least once a week, and share stories, occasionally. 

Pinterest here.

I do love Pinterest, on the other hand, and found so many great ideas and a lot of inspirational content there.

Facebook – here.

On Facebook, I often post about the new launches which I don’t feature on here. I had a whole album dedicated to the new launches of 2019 which caught my attention. 

Twitter – here.

On Twitter I sometimes share more lifestyle updates like series I am watching, and things like that. I try to keep it that way.


Bloglovin  – here  and Feedburner here.

If you simply want to see all the new posts, just follow me on either of those. I personally use Feedly to follow the websites I like.

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