Who Can Become A Professional Make Up Artist?

I love this look, just stunning!

I’ve been thinking about this question for a while now. So what do you think? Who can become a good/professional Make Up Artist?

Do you think that it is something you are born with? I mean you just “know” how to do it all, how to mix the colours, how to work with textures etc. Or is it something that everyone can achieve if one tries really hard? What do you mean when you use the phrase “Pro MU Artist?”

I would really love to hear your opinion so please share with me!

And the last question if you could meet any MU Artist in the World who would it be and why? I’d love to meet … Aaron de Mey (what a surprise : P )!

1 thought on “Who Can Become A Professional Make Up Artist?”

  1. So here are my answers:

    1)I think that everyone can improve their technique but not everyone can become a Professional Make Up Artist because for that you need to have a talant and to LOVE your work. And to be very creative of course 😉

    2) I remember how happy I was when I read that de Mey is going to be an art director of Lancome 🙂 It seems that I could talk about him forever but you can read some of my notes and his interview here http://www.makeup4all.com/person-of-the-month-aaron-de-mey/

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