Who is Your Favourite Model?

If you follow me on twitter you probably know that last week I’ve tweeted quite a lot about models. One of the reasons for that was this amazing post by Lisa Eldridge. It made me think who my favourite model is… I can name several that I like but I don’t have a favourite model. To tell the truth, I don’t really care that much after all. But what if I had to choose one? Ok, that would be Natasha Poly I guess! And in this post I will explain why!

I read so many negative feedbacks about this cover, about Natasha  and Terry Richardson (it’s quite obvious that it’s his work, sin’t it?) that I was surprised. But, whatever, I like it!

So why do I like Ms. Poly this much? Mostly because of her cheekbones (take a look at the photos and you will understand what I am talking about) and green eyes.  And she is a very sweet and beautiful girl in general.

By the way, if you wonder what makeup Natasha is wearing , it’s:

  • Vitalumiere foundation  in # 10 Limpide
  • Soleil Tan bronzing powder #61 Desert Corail
  • Sculpte  Sourcils eye brow pencil, 52 Brun
  • Omre Essentielle eye shadows,  75 Magic Night
  • Inimitable mascara in Black
  • Rouge Allure lipstick  in passion
  • Le Vernis nail polish in Dragon

Everything by Chanel.

More photos

with Marina Linchuk

Backstage at Michael Kors, September 2007


Besides being beautiful she is also amazing when it comes to catwalk! One of the best (if not the best).See it in this video for yourself. If you don’t want to watch the whole video start at 7:15

And what do you say? Do you like Natasha? What face features to you like? Who is your favourite model?

6 thoughts on “Who is Your Favourite Model?”

  1. Mine is Natalia Vodianova (face of Guerlain). She is so beautiful and also very inspiring, she’s a young mum of 3 children and she does a lot of charity work too (back in Russia I believe).

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