Why You Should Like BritishBeautyBlogger and Bjooti

It’s been a long time since I wrote about my favourite blogs. Today I will tell you about 2 very special blogs and VERY special bloggers behind them. I am very lucky to know both bloggers “personally” .

When I started my blog  I had no idea that there were so many beauty blogs out there so I was very surprised to discover that.  And these 2 blogs were among the first that I discovered. I love them since the very first day I found them. I am talking about the fabulous BritishBeautyBlogger and Bjooti. Today I will tell you the reasons why I like these blogs and the ladies “behind them” and I hope you will like them, too.


  • I love the blog and the person behind it. Yes, I had to write that 😉
  • BBB  is written by a professional beauty journalist and I absolutely love the style of writing and the content, of course. She wrote for a lot of famous magazines and news papers!
  • J. is the first one to know almost all the beauty details.  She also is the first one to publish reviews about the new products.
  • I know that BBB a has beauty room and I saw some photos she posted on twitter. There are a lot of things in that room! I just can’t imagine how I am living without a beauty room, maybe because you can find makeup in all the rooms of my flat and in almost all my bags (and I have over 30).
  • I personally ( and I know that I am not the only one) love that BBB talks not only about beauty but she also talks about blogging itself and related issues. That is an inspiration for some and pain in the @$$ for others. I admire that she is not afraid to tell what’s on her mind!
  • If to talk about J. herself – she’s been an amazing  friend, always supported me and often cheered me up when I was in a very bad mood! <3


  • The other blog and blogger that I love is Bjooti and Kat.
  • Unfortunately I can’t understand what is written in most posts because I don’t know Swedish (although I always wanted to learn it) but I really  like the content anyway.

  • Bjooti is one more blog where you can see a lot of information about interesting and new things in beauty.
  • Kat  has the most amazing photos ever. You can tell it from the first sight that she is a designer and also a good photographer.  Seriously you should check out her blog even if you don’t know a word in Swedish only because of photos and the design.
  • BBB has a beauty room and Kat also  has A LOT of makeup, you should go and check it out at her blog.
  • I personally love that Kat loves alternative cultures and she  proves that it’s not about beeing a rebellion teenager, it’s about what you trully love and you can be 25-, 37- or 56- years old and be a part of it.

And what do you think about BritishBeautyBlogger and Bjooti? Do you read them? What do you like the best about these blogs?

10 thoughts on “Why You Should Like BritishBeautyBlogger and Bjooti”

  1. I love BBB and how she not only has the latest exclusive but also talks about blogging related issues. I find these posts to be very helpful. As for Bjooti, I never followed her because I couldn’t understand the language, but I’m sad to know the blog’s gone. It was good and will be very missed.
    .-= gio´s last blog ..Sunday Beauty Reads, 11/04/10 =-.

  2. To find this post has lifted my spirits and made me so happy. I am truly grateful that people stop by and read my blog – and Marina you are also a friend to me. Thank you a million times for this treasured post – I am so flattered, touched and happy! Not only do I love blogging, but have become so fond of the new friends I have made from this love of beauty! Marina, your energy and enthusiasm is so inspiring and when you come to the UK you sincerely have the run of my beauty room so bring a big, big bag!!

    1. So true! I could not agree more that blogging is amazing itself but it also is an opportunity to meet some great people! And thank you for your sweet words!
      As for the beauty room, don’t tempt me!!!! 😉

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