Yes to Carrots, Cucumbers & Tomatoes

Hi ladies. I am just making the list of the  brands and products that I want to try in the new 2010 year. And this brand is also on my list! And what do you think about it? Do you like it? Would you like to try it , too?

All of our Yes To products combine the fresh, unadulterated goodness of organic fruits and vegetables with the purifying and moisturizing properties of 26 minerals harvested from the ancient world’s most renowned spa- the Dead Sea. Here is the official website – Yes To

The Yes To Carrots  products are perfectly formulated to nourish and care for your normal to dry skin.

For Normal to Dry Skin

Yes To Carrots is a complete family of skin and hair care products that combine the anti-oxidant power of Beta Carotene from orange organic fruits and vegetables, with Dead Sea Minerals.

So why Carrots? Well, you’ve probably heard your whole life that carrots are good for you. True as it turns out, in more ways than one.

When it comes to natural ingredients, carrots are the best known vegetable source of Beta-Carotene, a powerful anti-oxidant that helps reduce daily damage to your skin and hair.

Together with Dead Sea Minerals, Yes To Carrots is the perfect solution for normal to dry skin.

The Yes To Tomatoes products combine amazing skin-balancing properties to pefectly balance your oily to

combination skin.

For Oily / Combination Skin

Yes To Tomatoes is a complete family of skin and hair care products uniquely combining red organic fruits and vegetables and Dead Sea Minerals.

So what’s so special about tomatoes? Well, in addition to their amazing skin-balancing properties, that gorgeous red color comes from Lycopene, a potent anti-oxidant, excellent at fighting free radicals.

Together with Dead Sea Minerals, this special combination not only promotes healthy skin, but also absorbs excess surface oils, perfect for balancing oily/combination skin.


The Yes To Cucumbers  products gently hydrate as they soothe and treat your sensitive skin.

For Normal to Sensitive Skin

Yes To Cucumbers is a complete family of skin and hair care products combining the refreshing, soothing and calming power of green organic fruits and vegetables, with Dead Sea Minerals.

Are Cucumbers really that good for you? The short answer is yes! Cucumbers are naturally hydrating, and are a fantastic source of both vitamins C and K.

Combined with Dead Sea Minerals, Yes To Cucumbers are a wonderful treat for sensitive skin.

yes cucumbers

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