YSL Eye Shadow Duo in 35 Caramel Tan/Burnt Brown Review, Photos, Swatches

So I’ve promised to review some products from the YSL summer 2011 makeup collection that I’ve mentioned here.

I’ve already reviewed the new Volupte Sheer Candy lip balms which I adore  so now it’s time to write about the eye shadow palette and the blush.

Today I will tell you about the eye shadow duo in  35 Caramel Tan/Burnt Brown (Terre Halee/ Brun Embrase).These eye shadows come in a signature gold YSL packaging with two sponges.

And I actually use the sponges when I apply the eye shadows as they pick just the right amount of the product.  I  don’t like brushes like MAC 217 with these eye shadows because they don’t pick up the right amount of  the product which leads to a very sheer application. This is why some people may think that YSL eye shadows are not pigmented. They are, you just have to find the best way to use them. You can also try using them with a slightly dampened brush.

Here is the palette in different light

As I already said, I apply with the sponges from the palette and then blend with a blending brush.

As for the texture, these eye shadows are not so silky and buttery as some eye shadows but I actually like it.Why?! Simply because it keeps the eye shadows from moving, creasing and  fading. I’ve actually wore this palette for 17 hours without a primer and with a 1.5 hours nap and they did no move or crease at all. The colour was almost the same as when I’ve just applied the shadows.

I assume that with primer that would easily last over 24 hours. But keep in mind that my eye lids are not oily so I can’t promise you the same effect if yours are. I haven’t tried this duo on anyone else except myself so far.

Here is a close up in a natural light

As for the shades, it’s a great palette for summer. The colours would look so beautiful with the sun kissed skin but they also look nice on my light skin tone, too.

Caramel Tan is a slightly shimmery medium brown and Burnt Brown one is matte warm brown, both are with reddish undertone. These look nice with my brown eyes but I would really want to try them with the green eyes.

Here are the swatches with the flash and in natural light

I think this is a very nice palette and I’ve been wearing it a lot lately.

It is a limited edition so get it now if you want. It is currently available and retails for £28/$41.

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  1. I have been swatching this one a lot in store… now I see I need it! It is going home with me tomorrow 😉 Could you review the blush as well?

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