Yves Rocher Mango Coriander Energizing Body Lotion Review

I have posted about the new beauty purchases  a month ago, and I am ready to share my impression about some of the products, starting with Yves Rocher Mango Coriander Energizing Body Lotion.

I am actually a big fan of the brand’s body lotions but they’ve changed the scents  (and the formula?) a bit, and I really fell in love with the mango/coriander one.

Yves Rocher Mango Coriander Energizing Body Lotion Review

For some reason a lot of people can’t stand coriander but I have nothing against it, at all.  And combined with mango – it smells incredible.  Energizing is a spot on name for this lotion, as coriander brings sharpness, freshness and spiciness to the otherwise sweet and juicy mango.  I simply adore this fragrance, and I did get a lot of comments and compliments regarding this scent from others, as well.

I am definitely checking out other options in the Les Paisirs Nature range, and already have the blackberry/lavender on my list.

As for the formula, it is lovely, too.  It is not my first Yves Rocher body product so I knew what to expect, the lotion leaves the skin smooth, silky and soft without any greasy  residue. I have almost finished up my little (200 ml) bottle, and it was a joy to use it! Definitely recommend both body lotions and shower gels from the brand.

Yves Rocher Mango Coriander Energizing Body Lotion Review ingredients

If you want a non-greasy and moisturizing body lotion which smells incredible – check out the Yves Rocher Les Plaisirs Nature range. They  come in 200 ml and 400 ml bottles which is really useful for travelling and for the at home option.

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