Yves Rocher Oriental Shower Oil Review

Oils are a necessity for me, beauty-wise, especially in AW period. My skin is very dry, and during the cold months it is  flaky and sore. And I do love my daily hot shower which dries out  the skin even more. But I just can’t help it. The relaxing and anti-stress effect [of a hot shower] is  very important for me.

Yves Rocher Oriantal Shower Oil Review

This is why I’ve decided to get some shower oils. I have started with Yves Rocher Oriental Shower Oil .

And it is really lovely indeed. It has a subtle oriental scent, as the name suggests. The way it looks and smells – it reminds me of honey. My favourite way of using it is to apply to the skin directly. It turns into milk when contacted with water, and leaves the skin smelling divine, and feeling softer and more moisturized than after a regular gel. I still need a good ol’ body cream, but if your skin is not as dry, as mine, you can get away only with this oil. It contains Rapesssed Seed Oil, Glycerin and Agrania Spinosa Kernel Oil.

In fact, I like it so much that  just want to use it non-stop. I need to check if Yves Rocher have any other products from the line, body cream or oil would be great.

Speaking of body oils – I really love this one from Rituals (I highly recommend), and this one from a brand from New Zealand.

Are there any shower oils you  like? I love the L’Occitane one and have some other on my wish list. As I have mentioned several times already, Ella Bache is the on the top of my wish list, as it was highly recommended to me.


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