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Yves Saint Laurent Blue Lip Gloss Pur Review and Lip Swatches

Remember my post about the blue lip glosses? So today I want to tell you about one of them – the blue Gloss Pur in #11 by YSL which is from their summer 2011 makeup collection.

I like Yves Saint Laurent glosses and already reviewed one of my Golden Glosses which you can see here.

But let’s go back to this blue baby. So what is so special about it?

The fact that it is blue! Now obviously, it doesn’t look blue on your lips but the fact that it is blue in tube makes it so special. It reminds me of the Dior gloss from the spring collection which looked grey/silver in the tube but nothing like that on the lips.

But you know what you are using and that makes it special. I have so many glosses and this one is definitely one of those that stand out when I go through my collection, it catches the eye immediately.

On the lips it looks almost identical to this Anna Sui lip gloss which I’ve bought just recently and which I adore. But this one has a cooler tone to it and makes your lips look very glossy which is just so beautiful. I think it is perfect for summer.

I also find it moisturizing. As for the staying power,  I can’t report on this, as I like to re-apply my gloss often.  But it stays on pretty well I would say.

To tell the truth, I am totally in love with the gloss as it is something different and it makes me excited.

I also think that it would make a great present for your girlfriends, especially for those who have pretty much everything and those who don’t get excited about makeup that easily.

The only thing that you may not like is the scent, but all YSL glosses have the same one. I personally can’t decide if I like it or not but it’s totally fine with me. I just know that some people don’t like it.

So if you want an amazing summer gloss – get this one but hurry as it is LE. The price is £21

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