Yves Saint Laurent Candy Face Makeup Collection for Spring 2012

YSL Spring 2012 makeup collection is all about our favourite candies, pastels and girly shades.

Here is what  Lloyd Simmonds, Creative Director Yves Saint Laurent Make-up, says about it himself:

“The gleam of an infinite profusion of dazzling fruit jellies, translucent raspberry and wild strawberry, mandarin orange, melon, mango and persimmon bring a gorgeous flush to the Yves Saint Laurent woman’s face. Her smile is as bright as shining sugared drops and syrups: shocking cherry, tangerine, grape and pomegranate, crystallized rose petals, mint and chocolate.”

The star product of the collection is Vinyl Candy Palette, £39/ €55

It was inspired by the box of candies.  You get a beautiful pink compact with golden YSl logo with four shades inside:

  • 2 pearly eye shadows: luminous raspberry and lilac subtly infused with pearly pigments.
  • 2 satiny eye shadows: blackcurrant and rose petals play up the magic of chiaroscuro.

Lloyd Simmond’s tip: “There are various ways to modulate the intensity of the color: with the brush, to diffuse a vaporous, smoky halo or with the foam applicator tip, to create a lustrous hue, or to mute the iridescent effect”.

Ombre 5 Lumieres No13  (House of Fraser exclusive, LE), £39.50/ €57

Voile De Blush, water-based, transparent and moisturizing gel blush £28/ €38

  • N°1 Voile Carmin: a bright, candy apple red
  • N°2 Voile Corail: a bursting-with-health apricot
  • N°3 Voile Rose: a sparkling pink
  • No4

As this a new product, I thought I’d include what is written in press release:

  • Color. Water soluble colors give the skin an ethereal hue, sheathing it in a soft, subtle infinitely adaptable veil of color.
  •  Freshness. The high concentration of water and the gelling agent act together to create a supple, cool, intangible film that assures fresh, long-lasting color.
  • Comfort. A transparent silicone polymer adds soothing comfort and roundness to the texture; making it glide on and blend beautifully with a finger tip.
  • Hydration. Highly moisturizing glycerin gives the skin a smooth, resilient aspect.
  • Radiance. Tiny mother-of-pearl sparkles add delicate radiance.

Mancure Couture No8 (mint and brown) No7  (pink and coral), LE £28/€38

Rouge Volupté Perle,  £23.50/ €32

  • N0113
  • No114 Sparkiling Fuchsia
  • No115
  • No116 Milky Pink
Volupté Sheer Candy,  £23.50/ €31.50
  • N°7 Figue Gourmande: a fleshy, carmine red
  • N°8 Prune Frappée: a rich, frothy purple
  • N°9 Goyave Sorbet: a daring pink
  • N°10 Mandarine Acidulée: a radiant tangerine

Golden Gloss, £22/ €30

  • No49
  • No50

Nationwide launch date 26th December 2011.

I would absolutely love to try the new blushes!

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10 thoughts on “Yves Saint Laurent Candy Face Makeup Collection for Spring 2012”

  1. I love the colors, can’t wait for the spring to come when I see this! Definitely the best spring 2012 collection I’ve seen so far!

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