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Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss Review and Lip Swatches

I love myself some Yves Saint Laurent and here is my most recent purchase – Golden Gloss which in #19 which is called Golden Petal. It is a milky pink with a lot of golden shimmer.

I love the design  and I find the little brush which comes with the gloss useful. This gloss has a rather strong scent and I know that some people don’t like it although I don’t mind at all and I can’t really feel it after applied.

This gloss looks really beautiful on the lips and I also find it moisturising. I find that the gloss is not thick and sticky, at least not like Chanel, Guerlain or Lancome’s Juicy Tubes (but I actually love the formula of those the best).

You can see the shade and the shimmer on the photos above

After  you remove the gloss  or it wears off – some golden glittery particles may still remain. But the golden glitter is what makes this gloss so beautiful, especially in the sun.  I also have to say that the glittery parts are very delicate and you won’t feel them on your lips.

So if you like the subtle pink glosses with shimmer and don’t mind paying the price, I suggest you taking a look at the YSL Golden Petal Golden Gloss.


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