Zoya Smoke and Mirrors Nail Polish Collection For Fall 2011

I was so excited when I got this press release back in June because Zoya finally has a MARINA nail polish as a part of their Fall 2011 nail polish collection.

There are twelve new  nail polishes which are divided into  Smoke and Mirrors collections:

Zoya Mirrors Collection

  • Nimue (ZP570) – smoky rich thistle metallic
  • Marina (ZP571) – smoky steel blue metallic
  • Tao (ZP572) – smoky slate gray metallic
  • Yara (ZP573) – sparkly olive green metallic
  • Neeka (ZP574) – sparkly amethyst purple metallic
  • Jem (ZP575) – sparkly fandango pink metallic

Zoya Smoke Collection

  • Jana (ZP564) – smoky mauve quartz cream
  • Petra (ZP565) – smoky eggplant mauve cream
  • Codie (ZP566) – smoky brown taupe cream
  • Anja (ZP567) – smoky palatinate purple cream
  • Cynthia (ZP568) – smoky Prussian blue cream
  • Dree (ZP569) – smoky camouflage green cream

In the US both collections will be available on the 15th July, each nail polish retails for $8. Now I need to think of the way to get that Marina nail polish, hope it will be available  in Europe.




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