Zoya Truth or Dare Collection. Fall 2009


Zoya Truth Collection  – сlassic, bright and straightforward

  1. Penny (ZP492) copper gold metallic
  2. Kalmia (ZP493) rose copper metallic
  3. Salma (ZP494) scarlet red metallic
  4. Isla (ZP495) venetian red metallic
  5. Anaka (ZP496) fuchsia metallic glimmer
  6. Drew (ZP497) mauve rose metallic

or Dare?


Zoya Dare Collection – edgy, dark and mysterious

  1. Vanessa (ZP486) – blue red cream
  2. Ciara (ZP487) – burgundy plum cream
  3. Demi (ZP488) – purple mauve cream
  4. Pinta (ZP489) – inky violet cream
  5. Envy (ZP490) – gleaming Jade green
  6. Ibiza (ZP491) – gleaming Sapphire blue


Available:15th July

Collection also includes 6  lips balms.For details check zoya

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