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Have Fun With Your Hair With Anastasia’s Hypercolor Hair Powder

I like the look of these Anastasia Hair Powders. You can have some fun with your look without visiting a salon or damaging your hair, you can wash it out without any problems, too.

I only wish they had some more natural colours, too. Or a red, I love red.

But so far there are five shades available:  In The Pink, Teal Tornado,  Electric Blue, Mega Watt

Want It: Kevin Murphy Colour Bug

I have been colouring my hair for years mostly because I loved trying new shades and because I get bored of  a certain colour after some time.

Now that I don’t colour it, I am bored of course already, but I don’t think that after I’ve managed to grow my natural hair colour I am in for something permanent.

I have been using colouring conditions which wash off for a ‘natural’ looking shades. But last week Kevin Murphy’s Colour Bugs caught my attention. They look like a great and fun product.

So far  they are available in three colours: