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Sunday 19.09 Beautiful Reading

Esprique- Precious- Fall- Winter 2009

I have noticed that I have a lot of visitors from Japan, China and Korea lately. So this post I would like to deducate to their local brands. Althought my girls wrote a lot of great posts this weeek I will link to them next Sunday.

How is your weekend going so far? I’ve got about 15 beauty magazines¬† so I have what to do ūüėĬ†¬† Yesterday my parents made me a present- Gucci shoes. Wow that was a great surpise!

Also I’ve got a question for you all. Have anyone¬† tried DECUBAL products? It’s Scandinavian :in love: skincare line for DRY SKIN. I have very dry skin so I would really love to try it. The prices are about $15-30.¬† And I just discovered this brand near my home¬† ūüôā

So here are 12  links to Holiday 2009 collections by Asian brands.

  1. Lunasol Holiday 2009 Collection
  2. Jill Stuart Holiday ’09
  3. Esprique Precious Holiday 2009 Collection
  4. Coffret D’Or Fall/Winter 2009 Base Makeup Collection

Makeup Collection for Fall 2009 & 5th Anniversary Jewel Collection by Jill Stuart

Jill Stuart Fall 2009

Jill Stuart Fall 2009 Makeup Collection includes:

  • 1 new shade – Illuminance Eyes
  • 1 new shade – Seductive Eyes
  • 2 new shades – Mix Blush Compact
  • 2 new shades – Lip Luster
  • 1 new shade – Jelly Lip Gloss
  • 3 new shades -Nail Lacquer N
  • Nail Care Essence Oil

Jill Stuart Fall 2009 Makeup Collection

It’s Jill Stuart’s¬† 5th fifth anniversary¬† so a limited-edition Jewel Collection will be by released. It includes: