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Lady Dior Palette. And Your Chance to Meet Dior’s Pro Team

I really like this new Dior’s  Lady Dior  Palette which is inspired by the famous Lady Dior bag.  Not only it is inspired by the bag itself but also by the history behind it. As you may know, one of the reasons why this bag became famous was  because of the Lady Diana, who got her bag from Mrs Chirac  in 1995.

You can get yours from 15th July exclusively at Selfrigdes for £61.50. This is a limited edition.

You may also be interested that “Dior’s International Pro Team will hold an event from Wednesday 27th July – Saturday 30th July for a  45 minute make-up lesson to learn all the about this summer’s make-up tips and discover the Lady Dior Palette. To make an appointment please call 0207 731 83696.”