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Book Review: Make-Up Secrets by Jemma Kidd

Remember my post about Jemma Kidd’s makeup book? I was actually given a copy to show you, so here it is.

Here is Make-Up Secrets in all it’s glory.  It it actually quite a big book with a high quality photos, very helpful tips and well written articles.

It was published by  Jacqui Small and retails for £25.

Here is how the content looks like. And, let me tell you, this book has pretty much everything you can think of!

I love the fact that it is not only about makeup but also about about skincare and nutrition. We all know that beauty comes from within and Jemma asked industry’s experts  – Sarah Chapman and Petronella Ravenshear for their opinion. I have actually started reading with that part and loved that is is written in a simple yet very helpful and informative way.

As for the makeup part, Jemma covers  so many topics.

I like how well structured and detailed this book is. She talks about face, cheeks, lips and eyes. Different textures, shades and techniques.  This book would be a fantastic present for women who are new to the makeup world, as it would be a great guide.

But it also would be a great present for Make-Up Artists as it gives so many useful tips!

I loved the section about the makeup application for different eye shapes a lot.

Jemma discusses every day makeup, classic