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Makeup Looks That Aren’t As Difficult As You Think

This feature is a collaboration with Lucy Parks. Lucy has been working in the fashion industry for six years. A dedicated follower of all things fashion and beauty, she is passionate about new industry developments. Lucy is now a full time freelance fashion writer.

If you’ve ever heard someone reminiscing about their ‘one attempt’ to do flicked eyeliner,
then you’ll be aware that some techniques are seemingly an insurmountable feat for some
people. For some, the idea of doing a halo eye, a bold lip or a retro eyelid might just seem
like a distant fantasy. However, most of the people wearing these looks aren’t makeup artists, and just like you, they began with a wobbly hand and a steady pinky finger in front of the mirror in their bedroom. While some looks have a perceived difficult technical skill, some are deemed too bold to wear, or far too scary to wear in public.

Flicked eyeliner

This is a makeup look you’ll most frequently hear people say they can’t seem to manage.
Some feel their eyes are too small, too hooded, too open, too big to do this look. The only
thing these people have in common is inexperience. They are under the illusion that their
personal features are holding them back from trying the infamous pin-up eye.
To get the look, first of all, find a true black  (or a colour of your choice) eyeliner with a brush tip – there are ones which are like pens, but this doesn’t exactly make life easier. Beginning with the outer edge of the flick, run the line from the outer corner of your eye and aim for the far edge of your eyebrow. This gives the flick a nice shape, and after a bit of practice, you can start experimenting with drawing the line out or changing the overall size of the look. If you do make any mistakes, a cotton swab  with a bit of cleanser will tidy up any smudges or wobbly lines.

A bold lip

The ‘difficulty’ to pull this look off comes from the idea that it’s hard to pull off. What colours people find difficult often come down to personal preference, with some fearing fiery reds, neons, or dark plums. The only