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Makeup4all Facebook and Twitter

If you are a regular reader you may also want to like Makeup4All page on Facebook. I get so many updates from different brands every day so products that don’t get mentioned here, as it can be too much of an information, I mention on my Facebook page.

I also try to post makeup looks that inspire me and beauty (sometimes even fashion) related pictures.

Vogue Germany May 2012 makeup by Linda Cantello

 But if you just want to chat and maybe get to know me better, you are welcome to follow me on Twitter. It’s not only about makeup & beauty there. I also love tweeting about films,  TV series, books, food and just other things that I like. Right now it’s probably about Spanish which I am currently learning ( I want to be fluent in at least five languages) and working out.

So don’t be shy and say hi  😉

I also have Pinterest which I should probably update  more often..