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Books: On My “To Read” List

I’ve posted about the books I’ve finished recently  a few weeks ago, so here is the list of the books I plan on reading during the break, in case you wanted some inspiration.

  1. The City & The City by  China Miéville (Amazon). This is the book which I was supposed to read for the book club I’ve joined, and while I did enjoy the beginning, I was disappointed  by how it ended, unfortunately.  For the next meeting we are reading The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World by Melinda Gates (Amazon).
  2.  Middle England by Jonathan Coe (Amazon).  I’ve already started reading this book, which you know, if you follow me on Twitter and Insta. So far, I’ve only finished part one, so it is, obviously, too early to share my impression.

 3. Serotonin  by Michel Houellebecq  (Amazon). I have