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Nails Of The Day: Rimmel Lycra PRO in Desire

After I was so impressed with Rimmel’s Lycra Pro nail polish in  Blue Vogue I’ve decided to get  some new shades so I’ve got myself a 393 shade called Desire.

And it is also amazing! It is opaque with only one coat, the wide brush (which is probably my favourite brush ever) makes the application very easy and fast without any streaks or any other imperfections.

On the photo I wear two coats of nail polish and Seche Vite

This particular colour is stunning, I would describe it as a burgundy on a black base and I am a huge fan of such shades.

I really  wish there were more shades in this line as these nail polishes are perfect in my opinion, especially for the price(£4.59).

Nails Of the Day: Inglot Nail Enamel 725. A Perfect Shade For Autumn

Today’s post is written by my friend and one of the most gorgeous girls I know. I could leave it there but I feel like I should tell you “our story”.

I’ve knows Bria for years and I remember perfectly how back in the old days I used to always ask how come her eye brows look so pretty or her face is so flawless. I just could not believe it was possible. I was a child and didn’t know much about makeup back then (my friend is older than me). You probably don’t even remember it, do you, Bria?

Now,  so many years later, it’s hard to believe that I am writing about makeup and Bria is writing a guest post for me. I was also very lucky to do her makeup the other day. It is fascinating how things in life turn out sometimes, right?

So here is what she has to say:

“I adore Inglot Nail Enamels! They’re the only ones I buy…mostly because they fit nicely into my budget. But lucky for me, not only are they affordable, I also love the huge color selection that Inglot offers and I appreciate the quality I get for my money.

I always wear two coats and finish with the top coat. The application is nice and smooth – not too thick, not too

Nails of the Day: Inglot Nail Polish in 728 Matte

I’ve picked up this Inglot nail polish  because I liked the colour and I never looked at the name (or number in this case) or the formula. So I’ve noticed that it had a “matte” label on the bottle  only when I was applying the nail polish.

Here is one nail with two coats of nail polish and a Seche Vite top coat and  a nail polish without a top coat so that you can see a difference.

It was  a big surprise but not a bad one. I haven’t tried  matte nail polishes from Inglot before so it was a new experience. And I have to say that I really like this particular shade. It is pigmented and one coat looks great but I still applied two. The finish is not flat matte but not shiny and that’s something I like, too.

I can see myself wearing this shade in fall a lot.