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Apivita Natural Serum Radiance Review and Photos. Rave

I received several Apivita products so I will show you some of my favourites in the next few months.

So today I want to show you my absolute love – Apivita Natural Serum Radiance.

Apivita has four serums and I received two, one I am using myself and one, for mature ladies, I gave to my Mum.

It is written that this serum with Bilberry and Vitamin C is suitable for women who are 25-35 with the following concerns: Anti-aging, Dark spots, Dull Skin, First Wrinkles.


Luckily, I don’t suffer from  dark spots and don’t have wrinkles yet ( I am in my mid-twenties) but after winter months my skin looked dull  and tired so I’ve decided to give this a go!

And I am so happy I did.  This is probably my favourite skin care product I’ve used in some time and I am definitely going to re-purchase it!

So why do I like it so much?

First of all, I love the beautiful design and the how easy it is to use the serum. This product has an amazing scent and contains 96% natural ingredients.

It makes my skin