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Collistar Alchimia Collection for Spring 2010

I’ve realized that I never posted any news about the Italian brand Collistar. It is pretty famous in Europe and usually it’s not a problem to find it. I personally have a counter just near my place which I visited today. So I thought I should make posts about their Spring and Summer 2010 collections. We will start with Spring one which is called Alchimia and includes a  lot of bright and vibrant colours inspired by 80’s.

Take a look at the products

Contemporary Butterfly Spring 2010 Collection by Pupa

Although it’s time to write about summer collections maybe some of you haven’t seen this Spring 2010 makeup collection by Pupa called  Contemporary utterfly.

A re-visitation of the ’80s, bright, energetic colours and sumptuous details. Perfectly in line with the fashion trends of catwalks, Pupa’s spring collection is gritty and radiant. Tones of fuchsias, greens, light-blues and violets:strong colours that get even stronger when you mix and match them.

You can check out all the details at the official website

So what do you think about this collection? I really wanted to get something from their gorgeous holiday 2009 collection but couldn’t find it. Maybe it was sold out so fast or maybe it was available only in Italy (Pupa is an Italian brand for those who don’t know). But now there is a new Pupa counter just near my place so I won’t miss anything  for sure 🙂

Round Up of Spring 2010 Makeup and Nail Polish Collections

As usual I made a round-up of the Spring 2010 Makeup collections that I wrote about. Enjoy it!

Les Impressions de Chanel – Chanel

Rouge Coco de Chanel lipstick – Chanel

Lacy Beauty Collection – Dior

Makeup Collection – Yves Saint Laurent

Cherry Blossom – Guerlain

New Kiss Kiss and G de Guerlain Le Brillant lipsticks – Guerlain

O My Rose – Lancome

L’Absolu Creme de Brilliance gloss – Lancome

Michael Kors Very Hollywood Collection – Estee Lauder

New Impressions – Givenchy

Prisme Yeux Mono Shadows – Givenchy

Cotton Flower – Clarins

Face Lift – Bobbi Brown

Cabana Corals – Bobbi Brown

Makeup Collection – Nars

Makeup Collection by Shu Uemura

Paradise Pleasure – Artdeco

Heartbreaker – Smashbox

Juiced Up – Clinique

Makeup Collection by Stila

Makeup Collection Too Faced

Makeup Collection, Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer, Perfect Rouge Glowing Matte lipsticks by Shiseido

Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2010 Makeup Collection

YSL sprinig 2010 promo

Here are the photos of the 3rd Spring 2010 Collection. We already saw photos of  Chanel and Lancome Spring 2010 Collections. This time it’s Yves Saint Laurent!

YSL spring 2010

The photos of the collection are from Bjooti blog . Thank you, Kat, for sharing this wonderful photos with us.

That nail polish and lipsticks look amazing. Eyeshadows are also great colours. And what do you think?

Collection includes:

5 Colour Eyeshadow , $56

  • #9 Parisian Sky

Eyeshadow Duo , $41

  1. #25 Turquoise Blue – Hazy Violet
  2. #27 Golden Pink – Precious Bronze

Y-mail Complexion Palette, $65

  1. #1 Face Highlighter
  2. #2 Blush Highlighter

Golden Gloss , $29

  1. #19 Golden Petal
  2. #20 Golden Macadamia

Long Lasting Nail Lacquer,$20

  1. #143 Mauve Silk
  2. #41 Beige Chiffon

Mascara Singulier, $30

  1. #1 Deep Black
  2. #2 Deep Brown
  3. #3 Deep Green
  4. #4 Deep Violet

Sheer Gloss Stick , $30

  1. #5 Sugared Almond
  2. #6 Vanilla Pink