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Truffle, Pure Diamond Dust and Meteorite Dust From Space Hair Care, Anyone?

Remember my post on Kerastase’s  Chronologiste Treatment? That is a pretty expensive hair treatment. But it is  definitely not compared to Truffle By Fuente Shampoo and Conditioner Set.

I have to say that I’ve got interested in this shampoo because of the price. Can you guess how much the set below costs?  Ok, hold your breath…

It is £275.00 for 250ml conditioner and shampoo.

It is described as “the world’s best and first self-thinking shampoo and conditioner!”

It is supposed to response to different hair types and restore the hair to the top condition. The key ingredients are skin of white truffle, pure diamond dust and meteorite dust from space.

I don’t think that I am ready to spend that much on a hair duo but I would definitely get a small sample for, let’s say £10-£20, to see how it works. Maybe it really is that good. If it is, I’d be happy to get the full size.

So, if you have extra £250 that you want to spend on a beauty product or want to get a present for a woman who has everything,  you may want to splurge. You can buy it from Beautique.

And what about you? Would you get it?