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Holiday Gift Guide: Tweezerman Luxe Edition Crystal Slant Tweezers

Keeping your eye brows is a good shape is essential and is a key to a nice look. This is why a pair of tweezers is a must have. I personally have a lot of different tweezers and I can’t see myself without them.

A good pair of tweezers will last you a life time so don’t be afraid to invest in one (or more if you love variety). This is why a pair of Tweezerman tweezers  would make a great holiday gift.

Now the price of these Tweezerman’s award-winning Slant tweezers is definitely on a high end. They retail for $100!* This sounds a lot but remember that they will last you for ages. I personally am still using the tweezers my Mum got when she was a student (not Tweezerman though).

I understand that paying $100 for tweezers sounds a bit crazy but since it’s a present for Christmas  that is a good excuse.  Plus