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Bad News, Twilight, Nail Polish and Rings

Hi, girls! How are you doing today?

I am afraid that I have bad news. I had a list  of makeup and beauty products that I wanted to get from the US and my sweet friend agreed to get it for  me.

But, can you imagine, I’ve missunderstood the day they were leaving!!!  So there is no time to make an order now.

This is horrible for me but also for you. Because I won’t be able to review a lot of products and some of them were just for the giveaways… So, it’s not our lucky day.

Not to make this post completly horrible I will just share the ring that I got at Accessorize today.

Also today I’ve finally watched Twilight :). I think I’d go to the movies to see the Eclipse. And do you love it?Who is your favourite vampire? I really loved Angel from Buffy years ago and I also loved the Underworld film.

By the way, do you remember my post about OPI Midnight in Moscow? I’ve been wearing it for the whole week and it looked great! You can see my manicure and pedicure of the week on twitter. And what did you wear on your nails this week?