Anthony Logistics for Men Give Him The Essentials Kit. Review and Photos

I often get asked what to get  for a man in your life so I thought I would show you what I’ve got mine as a part of his Birthday present.

I’ve decided to get Anthony Logistics for Men Give Him The Essentials Kit as it has pretty much everything you can think of.

Here is how the kit looks like. I am sorry that it’s a bit messy…

So what do you get?

  •  Anthony Logistics For Men Glycolic Facial Cleanser 60ml
  • Anthony Logistics For Men Shave Cream 60ml
  •  Anthony Logistics For Men All Purpose Facial Moisturizer 74ml
  •  Anthony Logistics For Men Lip Balm 9g
  • Anthony Logistics For Men Body Cleansing Gel 60ml
  • Anthony Logistics For Men Glycerin Hand and Body Lotion 74ml
  • Anthony Logistics For Men Storage Container

Impressive, right?

So what is his opinion about the set?

This is going to be a very short ‘review’ (as you would have guessed). He loves and uses the facial fash and  moisturizer and they are his favourites.  The hand cream (he would never use it as a body moisturizer) apparently, is nice, too.

He did not try the shower gel yet as he loves using his L’Occitane soaps.

As for the lip balm, I don’t think he will ever use it, it’s still brand new…

I think it’s a great set to get just to see what kind of products your man likes to get them separately later. I’d be also happy to pay more but to get a shampoo and conditioner, too.  Yes, he does not use a lip blam but uses a hair conditioner (not all the time though)…

I won’t put the price here but you can find it yourself. I’ve got the set from FeelUnique.

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