10 thoughts on “Beaute Slave by Guerlain. Fall 2009: Sneak Peek Images”

  1. Inês Mariano

    Love the second nude pink 😀 OMG, we spend money on last collection summer splash and they just keep us making want spend more and more money looool

    The economy is so bad, the prizes should go down too, we would thank them 😀

  2. Inês Mariano

    Well, i have tanned skin 🙂 so i think that collection wasn’t for me 😛 But i bought the Poudre des sables (just because is a Terracotta powder, but i guess i’ll just use it on winter because on summer it doesn’t make anything on my skin xD ) and i love the mono shadow sable blond 🙂 just to give some shimmer on the eyes, i guess the tan face with just some “sand” shimmering looks great 😀

  3. sounds nice!:)
    I love it, too. but it’s chanel, not dior;)
    as for myself I want to get some cream blushes. I know that YSL will have 3 shades in autumn collection!

  4. Inês Mariano

    Oh sorry, of course it’s chanel! chanel is very famous because of their beautiful (and expensive lool) naipolish! 🙂

    I really love blushes and powder faces, that’s where most of my money goes and now that is summer i always buy all terracotta line because i’me very tanned 🙂 on winter, well, no more bronzers, i became white, so i like to use a nice blush just to give more colour 🙂 can’t wait to see the YSL ones…

  5. thank you!:) but I already saw it, just on other website! just didn’t have time to write about it.
    soon I’ll write more about Chanel + Dior, Clarins and Clinique!Fall 2009!

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