Beauty Inspiration: Orange Eye Makeup

Photographer – Florian Sommet, Model – Kriss, Styling – Jana Esau, Make-up – Tanja Kern, Client – Woman Magazine

Colour is huge for the SS 2011 and this is probably the most beautiful makeup with orange eye shadows I’ve ever seen. Absolutely stunning, I love it so much. The colour combination of bright orange and blue/purple is amazing and original.

And what do you think?

10 thoughts on “Beauty Inspiration: Orange Eye Makeup”


    Photographer – Florian Sommet
    Model – Kriss
    Styling – Jana Esau
    Make-up – Tanja Kern
    Client – Woman Magazine

  2. Love it! I’ve always been able to rock oranges, corals, coppers, and the like because they really bring out my deep moss green eye color. The promo picture is obviously exaggerated to make a point, but the look is stunning and could be very easily translated into “real life”. It’s definitely not; however, a look for cool toned complexions or blue-eyed beauties. It needs strong coloring to balance it.

  3. I’m normally not a fan of orange shades on the lids, but this visual definitely makes me reconsider!!!
    Stunning look, draws my attention like a magnet!!

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