Benefit Lolli Tint, New Stain

YES! It’s about time! I can’t even remember how many times  I’ve wished for a new cool-toned stain from Benefit. And, it happened.

The brand is releasing a new addition to the range – Lolli Tint, which is described as candy-orchid tinted lip & cheek stain.

Benefit Lolli Tint, New Stain

In the USA the it should launch on the 20th November. So, tell me, are you excited?

Benefit Lolli Tint New Stain orchid shadeI love how it looks on the models above, so definitely want to try it myself. Although I was dreaming about a berry stain, orchid sounds fab, too!


4 thoughts on “Benefit Lolli Tint, New Stain”

  1. PerdisBenePhilo

    I much like you was hoping for maroon/berry stain! I really did think that’s what Benefit would add to their line (I knew a new Tint was coming because our Benefit counter at work had a mysterious empty spot next to Benetint for the longest time) but this new stain looks gorgeous!

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