Bobbi Brown Face Lift Collection for Spring 2010

” I have designed this collection to give women the opportunity to to look fresh and radiant in less than 5 minutes,” Bobbi Brown

bobbi_brown spring 2010

New Year … New Me?

Give us just 5 minutes – and we’ll show you your best side!

So this collection is created to make you look younger and even more beautiful. and here what it includes:

Extra Eye Repair Cream (€ 70.00 for 15ml)

Enriched with peptides, natural vegetable oils and moisturizing ingredients to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, dark eye shadows. Apply in the  morning and evening. Warm a small amount of Extra Eye Repair Cream between your fingertips and dab it gently on the eyes. If the eye cream is fully absorbed, you can then apply Tinted Eye Brightener, or concealer.

Extra-Eye-Repair-Cream bobbi brown

Brightening Lip Gloss (€ 20)

Two new shades:

  1. Nectar
  2. Popsicle

bobbi brown Brightening Lip Gloss

The new Brow Pencil (€ 20)

Available in 5 colors:

  1. Blonde
  2. Mahogany
  3. Gray
  4. Wheat
  5. Ash

bobbi brown Brow Pencilpg

Brightening Eye Shadows (€ 23)

Two new shades:

  1. Caviar
  2. Navajo

bobbi brown Eye Shadowpg

Tinted Eye Brightener (€ 31)

New stick formula which is available in 8 shades:

  1. Light Bisque
  2. Porcelain Peach
  3. Bisque
  4. Light to Medium Peach
  5. Medium to Dark Bisque
  6. Dark Peach
  7. Dark Bisque
  8. Deep Peach

Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener

In Europe collection will be available in January. That means that you will be able to find it earlier in USA. And of course, it will cost less.

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