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  • У меня спрашивали можно ли будет купить коллекцию Tokyo Happening от Chanel в Москве (ЦУМ). Так вот мне сегодня одна читательница (спасибо большое, Юля!) написала, что ее знакомая видела в Москве  лимитированные коллекции от Chanel. По ее словам там можно будет купить не только Tokyo Happening , но и коллекцию London Madness. Я не писала […]

  • Chanel’s Limited Asian Collection for Summer 2009

    Chanel will release a small limited-edition collection on June 26th in Japan. The collection is inspired by the noble and elegant spirit of the pure white floral designs in Chanel’s spring 2009 haute couture collection, and features a soft white color scheme. Fleurs Célestes de Chanel Natural Finish Face Highlighter (limited edition) Les Quatre Ombres […]

  • YSL Fall 2009 Makeup Collection Photos

    If you want to see other photos of YSL Fall 2009 Makeup Collection check them out at This photo is also from that blog!

  • Chanel Nail Polishes Of This Year

    Today I had a dream about yellow Chanel nail polish on my nails. And this was not the end:) After that I had a dream about new Jade Nail Collection that is comming up this October. So I thought is a sign that I should do a post about Chanel nail polishes that were( and […]

  • Back to The Past: Summer 2008 Makeup Collections

    Now we all are thinking about Summer 2009  makeup collections. Some women( for e.g me 🙂 )are already thinking about Fall 2009 collections. I thought that it would be nice to remind you, ladies, makeup  collections of  summer 2008. I really love promo photos, hope you enjoy them, too! Chanel Summer 2008 Dior Summer 2008