Chanel Nail Polishes Of This Year

Today I had a dream about yellow Chanel nail polish on my nails. And this was not the end:) After that I had a dream about new Jade Nail Collection that is comming up this October. So I thought is a sign that I should do a post about Chanel nail polishes that were( and will be) launched this year 😀

We’ll start with nail polishes that you you can get only at

  1. 143 Roses des Vents (rose shimmer)
  2. 18 Rouge Noir (red black)

chanel nordstorm

If you want to see swatches check here

From Fall 2009 Collection:

  1. 499 Gondola ( red with purple midtone and golden sparkles)
  2. 501 Intermezzo (ivory with pink midtone)

chanel fall nails
This October meet 2 new shades from Jade Nail Collection by Chanel which include:  407 Jade and Jade Rose( pale pink)

From Summer 2009 Collection

  1. 307 Orange Fizz
  2. 317 Golden Sand

chanel summer

For swatches click here

From Spring 2009 Collection

  1. 485 Django
  2. 483 Vendetta

chanel spring

For swatches click here

Lumieres Celestes Collection

497 Cosmic Violine

495  Mica Rose



331Dazzling are comming back

For swatches click here

Chanel also had 4 polishes from this collection

You can buy on:


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