Chanel Sublime de Chanel Mascara Review and Swatches

When I’ve heard that girls from Beauty Insider were working on Allure Russia, I knew that I had to get it! It is one of my dreams/goals to be fluent in at least five languages and Russian is already among those that I do speak.

It was not that easy for me to get the magazine but it was worth it, the content was interesting (they do tell negative things about the products, too) and there was also a sample of Chanel mascara.

It was Chanel Sublime de Chanel in 10 Deep Black.

Here is how the brush looks like

I did not read  what this mascara was supposed to do on purpose  as wanted to write my own impressions. It gives amazing length and I find that it gives and holds the curl pretty well. And guess what ?! This is actually a lengthening and curling mascara.

I was also impressed with the staying power, it was not smudging or fading during the day.

This now has to be in my top three, along with DiorShow Extase and Lancome Hypnose. I think I will purchase it at some point, after I use up at least some mascaras that I have now, which probably won’t be soon.

This is a fantastic mascara and I would totally recommend.

Here is how the full sized tube looks like.

4 thoughts on “Chanel Sublime de Chanel Mascara Review and Swatches”

  1. Hi Marina,
    I wanna try this mascara, but don’t know why it’s not available in the US yet or if it ever will be released here? 🙁
    PS Wow 5 languages? Your so lucky you already know English & Russian! Any others you know or are currently learning? Both my parents spoke more than 5 languages yet they didn’t bother teaching me any as a child. Why? I do not know :'( It’s so frustrating for me to learn now because I get so mad thinking I could have been fluent in more than one language & how beneficial it would have been for me at work!

    1. Hi, Naomi,
      I have just checked, and looks like only the waterproof one is available at Chanel US website. Luckily, I do speak some other languages,
      and that’s so cool about your parents. x

  2. Thanks Marina, I did check the US site again, but still do not see Chanel Sublime de Chanel mascara, only 3 variations of the Chanel Inimitable mascara 🙁 On the bright side of double checking the US site it says “A special preview coming…the new mascara Le Volume De Chanel – limited quantities Nov. 12th” :)….hmm, maybe I’ll just have to check this one out instead, lol
    xo Naomi

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