Chantecaille Summer Look Collection for Summer 2010

Check out the new Summer collection by Chantecaille:

“Chantecaille’s Summer Look celebrates sunny days with a collection of colorful shades, inspired by luncheons in the garden surrounded by blooming botanicals. Imagine sunlight glinting off punch-filled glasses and rose petals scattered by the breeze.”

Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15, $ 62

Just Skin is a lightweight tinted moisturizer with a non-toxic mineral sunscreen and a new complex of botanicals that delivers protection from free radicals, smog and sun. Designed for women and men, this unique skin perfecter provides excellent coverage, smoothes fine lines, protects and enhances the complexion. Just Skin’s anti-irritant, antioxidant and anti-pollution botanical extracts include honeysuckle, edelweiss and green tea. Sodium hyaluronate helps to seal in skin’s moisture. The result is a clean and natural finish

  1. Alabaster
  2. Bliss
  3. Glow
  4. Nude
  5. Tan
  6. Wheat

Faux Cils Mascara, $ 38

A high-performance, super-volumizing mascara that is better than false eyelashes. Instantly lengthens, thickens and accentuates the lashes without clumping. It intensifies lashes, plumping them for a super-dramatic effect that is healthy and stunning—and makes eyes the focus of the face. Contains rose water, natural waxes, vegetal polymers and red seaweed to define and enhance. Provides natural curl and bounce to lashes.

New Shades of:

Lip Gloss SPF 15, $28

Lip Gloss is a lip healer that feels like a soothing balm. It glides on easily, leaving a slick of moisture without any stickiness. Natural bran and safflower oils contribute to its smooth, even application, and botanical antioxidants—ginkgo biloba, green tea and aloe vera—work with vitamin E to calm and protect the skin. This fragrance-free formula offers SPF 15.

  • Dragonfruit, coral

Brilliant Gloss, $28

Brilliant Gloss is a non-sticky lip gloss with vegetal-based cross-linked sugars that naturally and safely plump lips. An innovative system of elastic polymers and shiny emollient oil creates long-lasting wear. Enhanced with green tea to protect and calm lips.

  1. Flirt,watermelon

  2. Folly, coral
  3. Modern,nude

Chantecaille Cheek Shade, $28

Cheek Shade is the most subtly convincing blush of color. Created with micro-particle technology that produces an ultra-light, ultrafine coated powder, it adheres beautifully and is barely noticeable

Iridescent Eye Shade, $ 28

Iridescent Eye Shade is a dazzling new lightweight, metallic color for the eyes. Sheer, pearlescent tones offer a reflective finish for a weightless, sophisticated look. Silicon-coated pearls create an exceptionally soft and creamy texture that glides on smoothly, with oil-absorbing properties for a luxurious, long-adhering glow.

New shades

Lasting Eye Shade, $28

Lasting Eye Shade is unique in its ability to appear transparent or opaque, depending on whether it’s applied wet or dry. Its specially treated ingredients create an adherent and consistent veil of color. A high concentration of ginseng enhances skin’s condition and imparts greater elasticity. Whether a soft or a bold hue, the rich colors will never fade, crease or run.

  • Peony, pinkish shell
  • Coriander, milky brown
  • Patchouli, brown

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