Current Makeup Routine

Here is a look at my current makeup routine, and we are talking about morning routine, not a special night out or not even the weekend morning when I have time, can relax and all. During the week days, I often do my makeup in a taxi, or even  public transport. Yes, I have already learned how to apply the liner on the go. The things I do to sleep those extra 10 minutes.

Current Makeup Routine makeup4all

I always see how people recommend that when you want to save when it comes to beauty products, it should never be a base. Ironically, my foundation is the cheapest product from the selection but it is really lovely. It gives that beautiful sheer dewy finish that is my favourite. Sadly, it seems like it has been discontinued.

And yes, there are no concealers, correctors or powders. To be honest at least 95% of the times I can’t be bothered with a concealer, I know this may sound shocking but I don’t care if I have some darkness under my eyes, in fact I am not a fan of the opposite, when I layer 3 products and it looks way too perfect. Maybe that all sounds weird but this is the way I like it. My skin is dry and the makeup last on me but when I want a powder – I go for this one.

When it comes to eyes – I love my eye makeup. I can go out with nothing on my face but my eyes have to be defined. When I am extra lazy I just smudge a dark brown eye pencil, and add mascara. But usually I’d just use one or two eye shadows and liquid eye liner in a pen form, this is the one I have been using for years.

Good mascara is crucial. And I am not a fan of natural looking ones, I just don’t see the point of a mascara in that case… Since I don’t have super long or thick lashes, I don’t get that creepy spidery effect anyway, but it makes a huge difference.

Brows is the step that I also don’t  feel like skipping, these days I am using the Clarins eye brow pencil, I like the formula, it is not too soft, so doesn’t smudge all over the place.

I love all those highlighters/contouring products but my Max Factor blush is all-in-one. Yes, this blush again. You simply have to try it, it is life-changing and time-saving miracle.

“Lips” is where I like to experiment, and here are the three lipsticks that I have been using the most lately, baby pink from Dior for when I want an everyday colour, luscious red because I can’t be without red (from Lancome) for a very long time some and dark plum Clarins because, let’s face it, I am not myself without a berry/plum lipstick. This is such a big part of me, as an all black outfit. If I want a matte lip – it is usually this lip pencil.

And that’s about it… For now at least.

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