Embryolisse and Armani BB Creams. And Armani Luminessence Range

It seems that every single brand is bringing out BB creams.  But here are two that I  would personally like to try.

Embryolisse Complexion Illuminating Veil BB Cream (£24 50 for 30 ml). This product is already out.

‘BB Cream a 3 in 1 product product acting as a potent moisturiser with anti-aging properties with a natural tint. With AHA fruit Acids to eliminate dead skin cells, concentrated moisturiser with hyaluronic acid to plump the skin and leave it smooth & silky, anti-aging with vitamin E and protection from free radicals, UVA & UVB rays with mineral sunscreens this is really a multi functional product! A universal shade suitable for all skin tones.’

Armani Luminessence BB Fluid 30ml, £60

This product contains ‘Armani’s signature greige shade, which lights the face with purity, transparency and evenness. It’s a multi-action product that acts on 9 key parameters of radiance: hydration, freshness, plumpness, smoothness, suppleness, uniformity, translucency, rosy glow and has high UV protection -one of the highest UV protection on the market – SPF 50.’

By the way, Armani is also launching two new products, besides the BB cream, which are all a part of a Luminessence series which is  a hybrid skincare range.

It should  brighten your skin’s appearance, using the new ‘Bright Regen’ technology.

Here is what is promised: ‘Skin light traps are corrected, such as pores, wrinkles and dark spots – and light can circulate freely again.’

Besides the BB cream, you can get:

‘Luminessence Bright Primer Essence-in-lotion made with an ultra-fresh concentrated formula, the primer is enriched with hydrating agents to infuse the skin with light for an even texture.’

‘Luminessence Bright Regenerator Serum is the flagship product. It contains BRIGHT REGEN technology, in a concentrate dose, revealing a perfect radiance with immediate and long- term effects. Tests show that skin improvements in T8 weeks are stronger than in T4 weeks. Outstanding results to tackle dark spots, leaving a more even skintone .

The serum acts instantly with a smart optical technology using diakalytes – micro-bowls of silicon and polymer – which create a very flat and smooth texture on the surface of the skin, the key to perfect light reflection.

The skin appears matte, homogeneous and transparent all at once. Pores are less visible, and fine lines are reduced. And it feels sumptuous as well, with a unique, silky-smooth texture.’

Armani products will be available from  the 1st May from Harrods.


2 thoughts on “Embryolisse and Armani BB Creams. And Armani Luminessence Range”

  1. I’m interested in the Embryolisse one very much. I really enjoy their lait creme concentrate! I have 2 full-sized backups :D. Oh, and I usually like to apply it where my skin gets driest (cheeks, under eye, forehead, jaw to neck area… what can I say? I have dry skin). Sometimes though I’ll apply it all over, just depends on the mood. 😀
    Can’t wait to know what you think!

  2. I can’t wait to try Embyolisse! I love their 24 hour lait creme concentrate and perhaps this will be just as good. I hope the shade will be light enough for very pale skin.

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