Estee Lauder Pure Color Cyber Eyes Makeup Collection and Gift Sets for Holiday 2011

I just have to share about the new Estee Lauder  collection for eyes because the promo image is simply stunning!

This collection is all about the eyes and there will be new eye shadows, eye liners and mascaras.

Pure Color Cyber Eyes eye shadows

There will be six eye shadows with a  very interesting texture created by a technology called Prisma Shine which combines wet, gel and dry pigments.

I am intrigued, I wonder if that is similar to the highlighter from a Fall collection?

Pure Color Intense Intense Kajal Eyeliner

There will be four LE shades and two permanent – Blackened Black  and Blackened Cocoa.

This collection also includes Sumptuous Extreme mascara (LE) in teal purple and cooper.

There are also four gift sets. Three of them are in Michael Kors makeup bags and one is in navy blue clutch.


Face Compact: Pure Color EyeShadow (Safari Green, Hot Cinnamon, Kenyan Copper, Sugar Biscuit, Nude Fresco, Pretty Penny), Bronze Goddess, Pure Color Lipstick inTiger Eye, Pure Color Gloss in Wired Copper,Double Wear Stay-in-Place in Onyx, brushes for eye shadows and blush.


Face Compact: Pure Color EyeShadow (Intense Violet, Lilac Whimsy, Sepia Sand, Ivory Slipper, Wild Truffle, Smoky Ember), Bronze Goddess, Pure Color Lipstick in Crystal Pink, Pure Color Gloss in Brazen Berry, Double Wear Stay-in-Place in Onyx, brushes for eye shadows and blush.


Face Compact:Pure Color EyeShadow (Candy Crave, Sandbar Beige, Iridescent Violet, Sugar Cube, Pink Flash, Polished Platinum), Signature Silky Powder Blush in Pink Kiss, Pure Color Lipstickin Pink Parfait, Pure Color Glossin Star Pink, Double Wear Stay-in-Place in Onyx, brushes for eye shadows and blush.

Navy Clutch

Estée Lauder Pure Color EyeShadow and Signature Blush Deluxe Compact. Pure Color EyShadows in Tempting Mocha, Pink Flash, Peacock Blue, Silver Bell, Ivory Slipper, Amethyst Spark; Signature Blush in Pink Kiss), Pure Color Lipstick in Rose Tea,Pure Color Gloss in Magnificent Mauve, Double Wear Stay-in-Place in Onyx.

There will be a lot of gorgeous compacts as usual, too.




  1. I LOVE the eye makeup in the promo!

    Do you know if the eyeshadows will be permanent? I think I read somewhere that they are the same formula as the highlighter from this summer.

    Those gift sets look good too! The bags are calling my name…!

  2. Oh man… those gift sets… *swoooooon*!!! They seem so gorgeous and luxurious!!!
    Btw if there’s one model that can sell me anything beauty-wise, that’s Hilary Rhoda: everything looks simply stunning on her!!!


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