Fall 2011 Nail Polish Collections: Leighton Denny and Rescue Beauty Lounge

Today I want to show you two extremely beautiful nail polish collections for Fall 2011 from Leighton Denny and Rescue Beauty Lounge.

Leighton Denny Atmospheric collection:

  • Astronaughty – Intense plum with sizzling red shimmer
  • Meet Me On Venus -Creamy mink with a satin finish
  • Purely Plutonic – Cool gunmetal shade
  • Your Planet Or Mine – Oil-on-water effect polish with purple, brown, blue and green undertones!
  • Meteor Match – Shimmeringpale marine injected with glitter
  • Big Bang – Denseblack and silver glitter polish

Each is £11.

And here is the Rescue Beauty Lounge collection:


At last, when the light left the sky and the wind started to roar, the sky turned into a shade beyond description—a dark greenish, blackish, brown, leading to a powerful Fortissimo, the finale chord of The Fire Bird.


Piú Mosso

Later, the ominous dark clouds bled into the sky with a fast-moving wind. Piu Mosso is an inky, blue-black that shoots through a flash of orange, the last glow of sunlight.

Poco a Poco

This is a shade that changes from moment to moment. It’s the stunning, sparkling pink of a fanning cloud when the red and orange rays of the sun are trying to burst through.


Pizzicato — inspired by the gentle tiny taps of rain droplets as they hit the tin roof, reminiscent of plucked strings. A misty white with the faintest hint of lavender, Pizzicato has a shimmer that acts like prisms of light in a sun shower.

Each is $18

I am not even sure which one is my favourite, I love almost all of them!

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